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Dear Mr. Bush:

I Ok, I digress...if there is a god called the flying spaghetti monster, is it (?), then that it not, in fact, God. I recall saying in my previous email that God, by any other name (other than satan) is still God. However in perenthesis I should have included 'other than satan and the flying spaghetti monster'. Are these people for real? Come on. Are you kidding me? Please say yes.

I strongly oppose you and your phony agenda. I am against you and all that you do. I am NOT UN-AMERICAN FOR THIS as your pathetic lap dog Ashcroft suggests, rather I am a true patriot who sees through the veil of lies you have told the country about 9/11. You arrogantly swagger about the White house in the guise of the first executive, a position you could never merit by temperament or intelligence nor now possess but for your treasonous and corrupt cronies on the Supreme Court. You have singlehandedly defiled both he constitution and the United States of America. You are a national disgrace and should be imprisoned for your crimes against humanity. You have brought us to the point where we no longer have the precious freedoms of a constitutional democrcay. No Islamic fundamentalist group has taken away our precious freedoms . You have. You and your Texas Oil friends who are true evil. You are the axis of evil and I call upon all Americans to oppose you in every way within the bounds of law. You are not the president of the United States of America . I cannot abide your decision not to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from the nation's power plants, and to pull the U.S. out of the Kyoto Protocol.

If you and your administration were truly interested in diversifying our energy supplies to shield consumers from recent price spikes, you could seize this opportunity to reduce our over_reliance on polluting fossil fuels like coal, and promote much more aggressive use of America's clean renewable energy and energy efficiency resources. But rather than rely on sound science and cost_effective solutions to the nation's environmental and energy needs, you have chosen to bolster fossil fuel interests that pollute our air and water and contribute further to global warming. You are Satan himself, and the future of this country depends on your ouster from office. You despicable little twerp.

Most sincereley,



P.S. What a refreshing moment it wouldc be if you were not to have me dissappeared

for this letter