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Noon to 7 p.m. at the Central Library Main AUDITORIUM



My name is Alexander "Alec" Thomas Henderson, I am a candidate for Public Sector Employee Representative to the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council. I am a deputy Public Defender for the County of Los Angeles. I am also an Opera Singer (baritone). I have a great love of Downtown L.A. and with this new and wonderful opportunity to serve this city and its constituent public employees I feel that our potential for making LA even better is unlimited. Please vote for me on Septmeber 17, 2002.

I want to help make downtown Los Angeles a user friendly multi-ethnic environmentally self-sustaining  model of urban planning. From the Old Town to South Park and  from China Town to the Garment District, this City is one of the most vibrant and dynamic urban centers in the world. With the introduction of the Neighborhood Council, a most decidedly Jeffersonian and democratic concept, bringing points of view from all perspectives together in a forum for change, renewal and revitalization in a refreshingly inclusive process, Los Angeles stands poised to assume yet another leadership position in the world; That of an urban entity who chooses its course in the best interests of all persons who hold a "stake" in her; and who's collective health reflects the well being of a community ruled by compassion, inclusion, peace, growth, light, and love. I want to be a part of that process. Please vote for me for Board Council Public Sector Employee representative.

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Who can vote in tne Downtown Los Angeles  Neighborhood Council Board of Directors Election?   Answer:: YOU, if you work downtown for a government employer you can vote in the September 17, 2002
* There are numerous stake holder categories you may qualify for, but you c an only vote in one. See

I believe that I can help build consenus to enable all downtown stakeholders to live and work in peace and harmony with a strong committment to enviornmental integrity, city planning, culture, the arts, traffic reduction; helping to make downtown's rebirth and revival one that everyone can enjoy! I am a public sector employee who understands the problems and needs of the non-resident public work force. I will vigorously advocate our interests as well those for all Downtown so that after work you might take your children to a play or a concert. Perhaps for yourself a walking tour of some of the most interesting architecture west of the Mississippi
watch for updates to this site and please vote on Septmeber 17! Thank You ALEXANDER HENDERSON

I want the non-resident work force stakeholders to see  Downtown Los Angeles as something more than the place they drive to in the morning which then shuts down to become a movie location at night. Unfortunately many of us have this limited vision. I had it for several years myself, seing downtown as a "danger zone" ruled by vagrants  and criminals once the light had gone and ceded its authority oty tors to help educate the constituency about the wide variety of cultural

Especially Downtown!



630 W. Fifth

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Noon - 7:30 p.m.
The mission of the Downtown Los Angeles
Neighborhood Council (DLANC) is to unite
the diverse communities of Downtown Los
Angeles and to provide an innovative forum
for all community stakeholders to contribute
to a healthy, vibrant, and inclusive