Alexander Thomas Henderson

December 5, 2003


To the Congress of the United States of America


It should by now be clear that the Bush presidency is a hollow sham of deceit, greed and one that rests with good measure upon the exploitation and the marginalization of both the American and the world’s people. This man has done more damage to the United States and the world than any Islamic terrorist organization ever could. Saddest of all is the opportunity he and his administration had to forge a renewed greatness of spirit which once invigorated this nation with a sense of purpose and justice. Instead this man has chosen a cynical course of detachment from and abandonment of the people. He cuts backroom deals, resists any meaningful investigation into 9/11 and prosecutes a self serving agenda by systematically stripping away our most cherished freedoms and Constitutional privileges.


Now, this man, with his unbelievable corruption and his disregard for the American people and our great nation; with his consistent and blatant violations of international law; who stands alone as the most reviled man the world has ever known, dares to come before Congress with an appropriations bill designed to benefit his wealthy friends, further erode anti-trust protections for our nation’s airwaves, and loot the nations coffers to the tune of 820 billion dollars.


History will judge this man more harshly than you can probably now imagine. Please let him take that walk alone. Do not join him and keep him company like some cheerful companion whistling in the darkness which now envelopes him. Please stand in the light and do the duty which you were elected to perform. Check this president and counter balance his self-serving insanity. Reject this omnibus appropriation bill. This man believes that we, the American people are too stupid to notice that he is feathering his and his friend's nests with this bill; that we are too stupid to notice that he is overriding our will on the issue of corporate media consolidation. Please reject this bill and in so doing send this man a message that we are sick and tired of being "misunderestimated" ourselves. A message we intend to repeat next November.


Alexander Thomas Henderson