This is happening right now
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JUly 29, 2002 7:35 p.m. Bomber Taunts Police at LA times building
This is happening right now


My name is Alec HEnderson and I am pinned down as we speak in Downtown los angeles while a man just a few yards away has strapped a bomb to his body and is threatening to blow himself and the LA times to kingdom come. I am a deputy public dfender in my office on the fourth floor of the la law center at 207 s. broadway (213) 893-2398. tHE lapd HAAS ALL ITS FORCE OUT HERE AND i HAVE NEVER SEEN COPS SO SCARED IN MY LIFE....Ale c  HEnderson

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Here I might add a description of the photo above, including such information as when and where it was taken and why it's important to me.