Wrongly Convicted by the Police in LA County? The Public Defender Wants to hear from you!
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             Public Integity Assurance Section


The Public Integrity Assurance Section of the Public Defender's Office is looking for former clients who may have been victims of police misconduct. We want to review your case to see if it justifies seeking post conviction relief due to conduct on the part of the police. We want to hear from you even if you pled guilty or no contest. 

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Are you currently incarcerated or on parole or probation in Los Angeles County? 

Were you represented by the Los Angeles County Public Defender? 

Did the police officer(s)in your case engage in wrongful conduct of the type you've heard about in the Rampart Scandal? 

Is your time on probation or parole almost up? 

If so contact us immediately!


Office of the Public Defender, 

PIAS unit

207 S. Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90012

or send us E-mail but do not send any confidential information by E-mail

The Los Angeles County Public Defender is filing petitions for writs of habeas corpus, motions to dismiss, and motions for findings of factual innocence for his clients who may have had their cases compromised by improper and/or unlawful police conduct.* 

In order to take advantage of the habeas corpus writ procedure you must be in prison (or on parole) in county jail (or on probation). If you think that your period of parole or probation may expire soon then you must CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.**

Los Angeles County Public Defender, Michael P. Judge
Michael P. Judge, The Public Defender of Los Angeles County, created the P.I.A.S. unit in the wake of the Rampart Scandal specifically to work to exonerate any wrongfully convicted victims of police misconduct. His assembled staff is working to review the tens of thousands of cases involving the corrupted police officers to see if there exist grounds to ask the court for a reversal of conviction, retrial, dismissal or finding of factual innocence. 


*Some of the police conduct which may help a petition include (but are not limited to) false arrest, perjury, planting evidence, coercive conduct, filing false police reports. The Pulic Defender's office seeks only to obtain relief from wrongful conviction. We do not and cannot seek monetary damages. 

**The Public Defender's office makes no promises about the potential outcome of any relief effort undertaken. It must be further understood that the Public Defender will have the final say on whether any relief will be sought for a given case.