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The Shame of stealing from a little girl's college fund!

As if I didn't have enough character defects in truth. Now I  am forced to answer for conduct which is completely apocryphal....

1. In the year or so that I was on the streets and alternately in rehabs there is much haze and fog of memory,,,,I recall either a conversation or a note from you indicating that the source of funds for one of the rehabs would be from Ana's College fund. I also recall being told that although it was important to get the money back, that there was no rush as Ana was all of 9 years old. I was then informed, or so serves my merory, that the entire amount of money which Nathan and his family contributed was refunded to them with the check received by Dad. End of story. If I got this wrong (which I certainly must have because this is an awfully long way to go to accuse someone of such depravity, then please let me know immediatly so that I can make plans to repay the money. Its very easy to sit in judgement of someone when you have no interation wihfh that person. You simply sit in judgement of your own ideas of them and their behavior. xxxxxxx. that the monies owed are 2,500.00 to dad and deborah the non payment of which to date is a massive failure on my part and one for which I take full repsonsibiliity. It is a debt that I recognis\ze acknowledge and pledge to pay. IOf such a debt exists to you thtrough Ana's college fund then you might mention it and be a little understanding of one who might forget such a thing thin the throes of hell of 2001. 2. Is that the costs of treatment which those funds went to was reimbursed by Las Encinas Hospital. I could easily be worng about this because as we all know, I was a bit out of it then. iF i AM WRONG AND THERE IS AN OUTSTSNDING BALANCE THEN WHY CAN'T YOU MENTION IT. WHY DOES SEEM TO YOU PRESPOSTEROUS WH\THAT I ALL THAT HAS OCCURED I MIGHT HAVE FORGOTTEN THIS OBLIGSATQION OTRR OCNFUSED IT IN SOME OHTER ACCOUNTING? bEFORE YOU LEVCEL AN ACCUSATION OF SUCH EXTREMITY AT YOUR BROTHER THAN YOU BETTER MAKE SURE THAT YOU GOT YOUOR FACTS STRIGHT BECASUSE HOLDING TO SUCH AN ACCUSAITON COULFD SDESTROY ANY HOPE THAT YOU AND iMIGHT HAVE FOR A RECONCILLIATION. I WOULD NO MORE STEAL FORM ANA THEN I WOULD CUT OFFMY OWN HEAD. 3. If you are owed a balance nathan then I do not understand why in the confusion anf fog of 2001 i am expected to remember this accountancy to the costs of being accused of robbing a little girls college fund where you have made no mention of it, have not once inquired as to its expected date to be repaid