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The information contained in this website is informational only, and does not establish an attorney-client relationship with any interested parties until formal, written representation is entered into between the client(s) and the attorneys. Should attorneys represent clients as a criminal defense attorney, criminal lawyer, or criminal defense lawyer in Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Fresno County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Imperial County, Inyo County, Kern County, Los Angeles County, Marin County, Madera County, Orange County, Riverside County, Sacramento County, San Francisco County, Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County, Santa Clara County, Ventura County, or Yolo County, on any felony charge, felony crime, misdemeanor crime, or misdemeanor charge, whether filed as a California criminal charges, California crime, or as a federal criminal charge or federal crime, and whether for crimes such as murder, manslaughter, theft, grand theft, embezzlement, white collar crimes, robbery, burglary, identity theft, forgery, fraud, sex crimes, sexual assault, rape or statutory rape, assault and battery, false imprisonment, child abuse or child endangerment, drug crimes or narcotic offenses, spousal abuse, domestic violence or domestic abuse, DUI or driving under the influence, probation violations or restraining orders, firearms or gun violations, Three Strikes charges or three strikes crimes, or juvenile charges or juvenile crimes, interested parties must be aware that every case is different and Mr. Henderson's past performance is not a guarantee of any result in future cases.

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