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This is my cousin . He loves the
Cousin in joyful ablution (Lucy and Alec inset)
island more than anyone on earth. As you can see!

The photographs exhibited on this site are from the little known location of our island in kennebunkport, MA. It is little known because we (well, rather my aunt) own(s) it and you can't go there. It's not that we don't want you,...ok we don't but that's only because its impossible to find enough sleeping space for family and the idea of a generalized cross-section of America trampling and turning our pristine wilderness into something resembling the Jerry Springer audience bleachers well, kinda makes us sick. SO stay the hell off! Or we'll blast ya! But don't let our grumpy patrician arrogance bother you! You can still enjoy these lovely photos taken by me (xxxxxx), family exile and two year old with bucket [see inset above]).