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We are civil libertarians holding steadfast against the tyrannical forces of government and corporate officials who would have us surrender our basic rights to privacy and freedom in exchange for false promises of domestic security. We are the collective of persons who seek to pool their information regarding government and corporate surveillance. In the ensuing months we hope to document the diverse and despicable practices now deployed to watch, profile, and categorize every day American citizens.


Our mission is to document the verifiable surveillance mechanisms now deployed. Although we are aware of "Echelon" and "Carnivore" and the like and will certainly publish submissions as to their deployment and scope, we are beginning with the most visible and intrusive of all surveillance mechanisms, the CCTV systems. That is not to say that we will rail against all forms of video surveillance. Most of us appreciate the use of such devices in controlled environments, such as a subway platforms where their placement is accompanied by signs giving notice and deterrence to any would be criminals.