Watching the watchers
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"[T]oday's CCTV technology turns police officers into supermen and -women with powers of observation that extends well beyond what can be seen by the naked eye.

High resolution that goes well beyond ordinary vision is a fact of life. Today's systems will allow operator to zoom in from over a 100 yards away to read and record the print on political flyers being distributed on public sidewalks. Technology available today includes night vision and systems, which can bring images in complete darkness up to daylight level.

The current technology also includes infra-red, high-sensitivity equipment, and systems operating outside the visible light spectrum. These include Forward Looking Infra-red Radar (FLIR) systems able to detect activity behind walls, and infra-red systems able to detect activities in darkness."



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Big brother in league with his corporate counterparts has set upon a course of destroying the last vestiges of civil liberty and personal freedom enjoyed by Americans. The powers that be have exploited the tragedy of 9/11 to strip our citizens of their right to privacy and freedom in the name of national security. The Patriot Act I And II are tragic assaults on personal freedom and we all must draw the line and say no more to Ashcroft, Bush, Cheney, Haliburton, and the rest of their mono-maniacal ilk. Their goal is to keep the masses of Americans pacified on homogenized information brought from one or two sources. The FCC recently relaxed rules regarding media ownership easing the way for further media conglomerates to form and undercut the diversity of opinions and vigorous debate which is the corner stone of our precious right of free speech. The government routinely eaves drops on the conversations of citizens without a wiretap order simply by listening from outside the US. Millions and Millions of e-mail messages are scanned by the FBI's carnivore system, corporations like Walmart and Sav-on profile us with the lure of discount cards, tracking our every purchases and data basing the results to further pigeon hole us.

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